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Mahe, also known as Mayyazhi, is a small beach town which is located on the tip of the river Mahe. Although it is situated in the state of Kerala physically, it forms a part of the union territory of Pondicherry. Surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Kerala, Mahe was a part of French India and had several monuments pertaining to the same. With its charming blue sky, emerald greenery, golden sands and cotton clouds, Mahe is the perfect example of the region's unadulterated natural beauty. If you are looking for a quiet family vacation in the lap of nature, then Mahe is the perfect pick for you.

Thalassery Fort

Thalassery Fort is an ancient monument in Thalassery also known as Tellicherry which is a town in the Kannur district of Kerala. It is situated on the Thalassery beach on a rocky cliff. The fort is now supervised by the Archaeological Survey of India and comprises of a large gateway as well as a lighthouse. The fort has a square shape, massive walls and doors which are artistically carved. The fort has laterite blocks and walls with holes of loops. These are aided by strong supporters. The entrance is huge, decorated with mural paintings tracing back to the 18th century present on its rooftop.

Muzhappilangad Beach

Situated in the Thalassery region of Kerala, Muzhappilangad is one of the largest drive-in beaches in India. As you drive through the golden sands of the beach, the sunset and the view of the sea are unforgettable and awe-inspiring. The place is filled with eateries to stop by, where you can enjoy a quick snack in the midst of the beach's pristine terrain. If you are looking for some family outing or to spend some time alone, the calm and peaceful environment of the Muzhapillangad beach is what you need.

Jagannath Temple

Sree Jagannath Temple in Thalassery is a renowned temple on the coast of Malabar, Kerela. Consecrated by Sree Narayan Guru in 1908 to abolish the social evil of caste system, the rituals at Jagannath Temple are conducted by Non-Brahmins. The temple is located near Jagannath Temple Gate Railway Station, about one kilometer from Thalassery city. Jagannath Temple was opened to Harijans in the 1920s, while many temples in the country still deny entry to Scheduled castes and tribes. The main deity here is Lord Shiva. Ezhava Shiva was the name given to the idol of Lord Siva by Sree Narayan Guru, emphasizing that the place was open to every caste.

Gundert Bungalow

Gundert Bungalow was once the residence of the German Missionary, Dr. Herman Gundert. This bungalow is a place where he completed the first Malayalam dictionary during the 1839 to 1859. In fact that is not all, this bungalow is also the place where Paschimodoyam was published, and it is the oldest Malayalam newspaper. Later this bungalow was converted into a technical training institute for the locals.

Overburys Folly

Overbury's Folly is a seashore adventurous park located on the hilltop nearby Sports Authority of India and Thalassery Municipal Stadium. One of the popular attractions of the town, it was created by the once Municipal Vice Chairman and Sub Collector of the area namely E.N. Overbury. Basically started as an evening picnic spot in 1879, the construction of the place was completed by Municipal Chairman of Thalassery R. Mukunda Malla in 19th century.

Catholic Rosary Church

An epitome of craftsmanship, this Catholic Rosary Church is said to have been established in the early 16th century. Situated near Thalassery Fort, this church comes in the league of the oldest churches in Kerala. The structure exhibits the fascinating stained glass work brought from London. Located close to the church are two other popular spot of Thalassery i.e. Thalassery Fort and Brennen Cemetery.

Wellesleys Bungalow

Wellesley's Bungalow is located in a surrounding that is so serene and tranquil, that it makes the location very special. The owner of the bungalow is a business man named Babar who was the host to First Duke of Wellington, Lord Wellesley. The bungalow was named after him owing to the fact the he was one of the active members to introduce cricket. In fact, today the area surrounding the house is treated as the Mecca for Indian Cricket as it was the same place used by Wellesley and others to teach the villagers the game.

Sree Rama Swami Temple

Located about 4 km from Thalassery, Sree Rama Swami Temple is said to be built by Lord Parasurama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Several mythological legends are attached to the temple. The temple is constructed in typical Hindu style of architecture, ornamented with beautiful carvings and wooden sculptures. The magnificently carved structures on the ceilings present the episodes of Kirathararjuneeyam that is Lord Arjuna meeting Lord Shiva, in beautiful manner.

Tellicherry Pier

An important port since the times of British, Tellicherry Pier was created when the large ships were unable to come closer to shoreline. It gained significance during the time and today, this pier is one of the major piers of Kerala.

English Church

Located near the Thalassery Fort, English Church is believed to be nearly 140 years old. It is also referred to as the St. John's Anglican Church and is said to ne of one of the first churches to be built on Malabar Coast. A cemetery is located in the church which houses the grave of an English Philanthropist Edward Brennen who upon his death donated all his savings for the welfare of the region. In fact it is also said that he paid the down payment for the construction of this church.

Fisherfolk Temple

A place oozing charm and blessed with Mother Nature in fullest, Fisherfolk Temple is located on the Kannu - Thalassery - Mahe shoreline. As per the belief, the temple was built to show appreciation to the sea for its generosity and blessings. The shrine is covered by Arabian Sea on one side and lies close to the ground where cricket was played in India for first time.

Odathil Mosque

Another important shrine in Thalassery, Odathil Mosque estimated to be 200 years old. Located in the Malabar Region, this mosque adorns a beautiful structure with a quite high dome which can be seen from quite a distance. Constructed under the guidance of King of Travancore, the whole building was crafted of teak wood.

Sree Kandeswara Temple

A major spiritual center of the region, Sree Kandeswara Temple is situated within the Thalassery town. Established in year 1910, the presiding deity of the temple is Lord Shiva and the idol was installed by the great social activist of Kerala namely Shri Narayana Guru. Built by Nalleswara Madian, the land for this temple was donated by the Kallingal Mutt to Shri Guru.

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